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Artist Sign-Ups

If you would like to participate in the Triad Verse Big Bang as an artist, please comment to this post with your username, email address, a description of your anticipated media type (traditional art, digital art, fanmix, graphics package, etc.), and which fandoms you'd be most comfortable participating in.

Please read through the FAQ and Guidelines before signing up.

Artist Sign Ups begin on May 15th and run through July 31st **Extended Deadline**.

Artist Claims begin on August 2nd.

The Triad Verse Big Bang accepts all types of fanart, fanmixes, and fanvids:

  • Artists submitting a graphics package should include at least one LJ icon and/or section divider(s), a piece of cover art, and a header/banner (can be a modified version of the cover art).

  • Artists submitting a fanmix should include a downloadable mix of at least five songs with front and back cover art.

  • Artists submitting traditional or digital artwork should include 2+ pieces of artwork, though that may include one traditional/digital drawing and one header/cover art piece.

  • Artists submitting fanvids should include at least one video of at least a minute in length.

There is no maximum number of pieces, however; please feel free to create as many as you would like!
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